Process Controller Retrofits For Environmental Chambers

Controller Retrofits

Retrofitting your existing chamber is an affordable alternative to buying new. A controller upgrade paired with our meticulous retrofitting process and our scheduled maintenance programs can dramatically undercut the high cost of chamber replacement while increasing your chamber’s capabilities. Let us keep your equipment productive and your capital well-allocated with a repair/replacement consultation.

Watlow F4T Process Controller

With a gorgeous 4.3” full-color touchscreen, durable IP65 rating, and flexible hardware and software options, the F4T from Watlow will breathe new life into your environmental chamber.


Combine and simplify. Less equipment to calibrate. The F4T covers the functions previously provided through:

  • Multiple process controllers. (Up to 4 Controllers in 1)
  • Limit controllers. (Integrated Limits and Alarms)
  • Chart recorders. (Encrypted Data Logging)
  • Complicated relay logic. (Internal PLC Logic)
  • Phone dialers. (Email/Text Alerts)


Modular hardware and software allow the F4T to shift with your changing testing needs. Add additional data logging or software features only when needed.


The F4T is designed to connect and inform.

  • Use flash drives in the USB ports for easy transfer of data logs, profiles, and configurations.
  • Customize email and text alerts for any profile status change or control error.
  • Program profiles through the touchscreen or using Watlow’s excellent, free Composer software.
  • Communicate with LabVIEW, SpecView, and other test monitoring software through the wide variety of available protocols.

Reliable Retrofitting Process

Any controller is only as effective as its installation and surrounding components. Our years of experience upgrading and optimizing our own chambers help us ensure your upgraded chamber operates reliably for years.

To guarantee our chamber retrofit will serve you well, every controller retrofit includes:

  • A full Preventative Maintenance check of the electrical system and addressing of any discovered future failure points.
  • Replacement of older mechanical and mercury switching devices.
  • Installation of the controller and all supporting components.
  • Tuning of the control loop(s) to your operating ranges.
  • Training and documentation on the operation of the controller.
  • A full electrical schematic.
  • A warranty on our work.